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Again! Bmorn got the only "2020 SI Partner of the year" award from Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft has presented awards to the partners who have made great contributions to Windows products and other intelligent devices. As one of Microsoft's outstanding strategic partners, Bmorn got the first place of shipment in 2020, achieved the leading ranking in Microsoft ecological products, won the "2020 SI Partner of the year" again. The award has ONLY ONE QUOTA EACH YEAR.


2020 SI Partner of the year

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 broke out and quickly swept the world, causing lots of companies to suspend production and sales in the first half of the year, some even have the problems of capital chain rupture and shortage of personnel, the production capacity of the entire industry fell seriously. However, in such a tough environment, Bmorn still became the only SI partner of Microsoft in 2020, with years of technical precipitation, with keen sense of market and control of crisis situation.

Based on strong supply chain channels, high quality products, perfect service systems, continuous innovation abilities, and practical hardware design schemes, Bmorn continuously exports competitive new products to global brand customers, such as X series notebook, with powerful CPU performance and large screen for visual enjoyment, with ultra-thin and ultra-light body for people from all walks of life, helping the brands expand its market share.


Bmorn will walk with you to create a brilliant future.